Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Special Mothers Day Shoot

Nothing is sweeter than the smell of a newborn, that fresh, precious, “I’m new here” smell!  We jumped at the opportunity to photograph this sweet little boy.  New born sessions are always special but this one on Mother's Day was even more so.  These first time Moms are so in love with their bundle of joy – how could they help it, he oozes cuteness!

Jonna and Dylan gave us the freedom to leave a traditional styled newborn session and organically capture the first quiet moments of life as Noah got used to his new surroundings in this documentary type of shoot.  We could tangibly feel the love that filled their home.

A first Mother's Day in some ways is the very best one, we are so grateful we were able to capture these moments.  We hope your Mother’s Day was a special one!  We know that it was very special for these Mama’s.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Love that’s Easy Like a Sunday Morning

We love the ease of a Sunday morning, don’t you?  Especially when there are easy brunches with friends, lounging and reading the paper or watching a game - ahhhh.  A good Sunday morning resets your soul and prepares you for the crazy that your Monday through Friday can bring. 

Our featured couple, Angela and Gordon, have a love that can totally be described as Sunday morning ease.  They met in college at UCLA, go Bruins!  They became friends grabbing food together in the dining hall; if they had to pick a first date it would be those meals.  Their Sunday mornings are filled with leisure trips to a local Farmers Markets and lounging! 

Their engagement session was in San Francisco, one of our favorite places to shoot.  They picked “The City” because they both have strong connections to it, as Gordon grew up there and Angela works there.  Also, San Francisco is where Gordon set up their surprise engagement.  Gordon took Angela to the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.  He took pictures with his phone while they toured the gardens.  Once they arrived at the perfect spot he asked Angela to stand there while he set up the camera to take their picture together – but he turned on the video and recorded his proposal. 

It’s wedding season here in the studio, and we wish you love and the ease of a Sunday morning.  We asked Gordon what his favorite thing about Angela is he said, “When she laughs, especially if I'm the one that makes her laugh. Seeing her happy makes me happy. After being together for so many years, she understands me better than anyone else does. I can be myself around her, no matter how flawed or how embarrassing.”  We can’t wait to photograph their wedding at Nestldown it surely will be a Summer of Love.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Amy and Alex-Engaged in San Jose - Nestldown Wedding

This couple was an instant win for me-Amy and I hit it off straight away and it couldn't be more obvious why Alex wants to snag her for life. How adorable is this woman? I do not exaggerate when I say this was the most effortless engagement shoot I've done in a long time-we shot in the precious golden 45 minutes right before the sun dips below the horizon. This is magic time for photographers like me who to LOVE to follow fun light <3 Check out some of my favorites from yesterday and make sure to look for their Nestdlown wedding next year! Special thanks to Monina Wright of moderne beautiful for the always perfect hair and make up styling!