Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sneak Peek Baby Luca!!

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted Christina's maternity shoot?


I got a call at 2 in the morning a few weeks ago! Baby Luca was on his way!!! I met Christina at the hospital in time to capture Luca's amazing birth!

(you didn't know we offer Coming Into the World Photography did you???)

It was such a beautiful experience! After a difficult delivery with her first baby boy James I was overjoyed that she had the amazing & natural birth she always wanted! So special!

I followed up at their home last week to shoot baby Luca's newborn pictures!! He is just adorable! The sweetest little soul!!






To Christina, thank you for letting me be responsible for capturing this most precious time!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sneak Peek! Jack & Nate-brotherly love!

My sweet husband is very much outnumbered by girls in our family-there is a lot of estrogen in this household :)

So I always delight in shooting something I'm not as familiar with-brothers!!! And these two I got spend a little time with last week were simply sensational!


Jack & Nate's gorgeous mama wanted to put something special together for her husband so she had me come over and do a Simple Shoot with these two adorable boys! And don't you just adore the names Jack & Nate? I know you think I'm biased because both my brother and husband are Nathans but even if they weren't it is still one of my all time favorite names. And a baby boy named Jack? What on earth could be more precious???



Ideally I'm hoping I can work something out with Jack & Nate's mama to ensure my two girls marry them in approximately 20 or so years....true Luci is a bit older than Jack and Maribella is much younger than Nate but it all comes out in the wash...

(don't worry don't worry-I'm only kidding! kinda)



Friday, May 21, 2010

Favorite Things Friday-You say you need a flawless pregnant woman?

Oh, well you're in luck!!! Because it's Favorite Things Friday and pregnant women just so happen to be one of my favorite things :)


I have such a deep sense of respect for pregnant women. Yes, I'm one of those weirdos who thinks pregnant bodies are beautiful and miraculous and yes perhaps even sexy. Maybe it's because I've been through it twice and know the toll it takes on the human body. Maybe it's because I have experienced the beautiful trauma of a live birth. Maybe it's because I have been honored to be asked to be present in the room of someone other than myself giving birth in front of me and watching the absolute act of God that it is to give birth to a healthy baby. Maybe it's because I know the pain of losing pregnancies.


No matter what the reason, yes-I think just the simple state of pregnancy itself is an



But you know what's an even bigger miracle? Hauling your 9 month preggo butt out to a hot park with your toddler in tow and taking portrait shots like you don't have a CARE in the world. Look at this woman? I'm sorry but when I was 9 months pregnant I only got off the couch to:

1. pee

2. eat

3. pee

4. feed Bella

I was spitting acid and burping worse. And I'm pretty sure I didn't brush my hair for at LEAST the last 3 weeks straight. (my husband is so lucky)

So yeah, this gorgeous woman blew me away. I had a girlfriend over and she was looking at the shoot while I was processing and said, "I would kill for that body-and I'm not even pregnant."


yep. pretty much.

Special thanks to Diana and her sweet baby GIRLS for a wonderful shoot!!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Double the Cuteness!!!

These two girls are hands down 2 of the most naturally photogenic children I have ever worked with. GORGEOUS girls. But one look at their mama and you see why.


Twins are so fascinating to me-as babies I think, "oh my gosh I would go absolutely insane..." as older children and adults I just want to stare at them and search their features and marvel at their likeness. So beautiful and amazing.


This Simple Shoot was so fun because of their fun outfits and even more fun personalities. These sweetie pies need to be on the cover of a magazine!! Don't you agree??


Friday, May 14, 2010

Favorite Things Friday-wow

What are a few of my favorite things? Good hearted people wanting to help perfect strangers....

Here are a few pics I shot today of the Nashville relief effort at West Gate. These women are mothers who found out what happened (some even just today!) and said, alright-let's get to work.

those are a few of my favorite things...

on the same note....I am in desperate need of volunteers tomorrow am to help pack and ship boxes of supplies to Nashville! If you don't know what I'm talking about see the post below "Grow Your Soul Thursday"

Email me at lindsey@bellaluphotography.com if you would like to help!!!

Grow Your Soul Thursday-My Nashvile Post

my home address in Nashville, I live off of Morton Mill

I know I know it's Friday but it's been a crazy week! And the thing is, if you follow our facebook fan page at all no doubt you already know what I'm going to post....and no doubt you are sick and tired of hearing it...

So I'm not going to go through it all again, about how Nashville is my home and has been completely devastated by this 500 year flood...about how the town of Bellevue has been highlighted on every news crew in the area specifically because it is essentially under water...about how my childhood home, school and stomping grounds are all in that same town...

about how my mother and stepfather had to be rescued by boat from their neighborhood because they were completely cut off...about how my cousin and her husband and three small children lost their home and have nothing now...

(their home)

about how the news and media has largely ignored it because there is no looting or craziness going on post flood-just a lot of amazing people locking arms and bringing Nashville back to life...about how helpless I feel out here in California when no one even knows that Nashville has been underwater or how devastating the situation is...

yeah, I won't touch on any of that... :)

But I will share all of my favorite links over the past two weeks...some just bring me to tears...some are ways you can help!

I reached out to Joanne at West Gate Church a few days ago when I was being flooded (no pun intended) will local folks desperate to help. I asked her if she could guide me in any way and wouldn't you know, she called back 10 minutes later and said, alright we're going to set up shop in the lobby and sponsor all of the donations to get shipped to nashville (!!!!!!!!!!WHOA!!!!!!!!!!) It brought me to tears. The generosity is overwhelming...

I've had friends over to ship gift cards to my family directly as well as actually go out and purchase new toys, books and crafts for my little cousins as well as donate their own appropriately sized clothes and shoes. Wow...again...the generosity TAKES MY BREATH AWAY....

So all I can say on this Friday is.....THANK YOU!!!!!! and KEEP PRAYING!!!

We've come a long way but the work is just beginning. Here's a picture a friend of mine took down the street from my home just the other day...it's a pile of junk-formerly everything hundreds of families had...

NASHVILLE FLOOD: Boating through the streets of Bellevue from Cross Point Church on Vimeo.

Why do I care so much? Why have I blown up my facebook the past few days desperate to spread the word? Nashville is so much more than my home. I adore Nashville. Nashville is a very very special city-different from any city I have every seen or lived in. The landscape, the history, the art, the music, the beautiful mixture of people...if you know Nashville....you know...It's a city worth fighting for.....

there's a million links out there...here's one of my favorites...


if you are so inclined....keep praying for Nashville....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stewart Family-Sneak Peek at a Full Family Shoot

Working on a Full Shoot this morning and snagged a few upon passing. Look how adorable this family is!




Full Family Shoots are so great in my opinion because we get to focus on each family member individually as well as the family as a whole. We got mother/son shots, father/daughters shots, brother/sister shots...everything! We shoot in various locations in the same area which gives just a ton of different scenery and options and really allows for an incredible amount of polished photos for our clients to choose from (typically well over 50 different shots when all said and done). Every time I process a family shoot I think, man I need to do this so badly!!! Wouldn't you know it we don't have a single family portrait of ourselves together?? How ironic is that :)


Thank you Stewart Family for letting me hang with you for an afternoon! I can't wait for you to see the finished piece!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh to be young.....

My high school years....so fun, so terrible, so......awkward.




I remember sitting in my AP History class fantasizing about the light at the end of the tunnel-graduation. Soooo far away-almost invisible I used to think. "No way will I ever be patient enough to endure this..."

And yet I seem to have blinked, turned around and now am married with 2 kids and running my own business on the other side of the country. What on earth happened? I guess a whole heck of a lot in 8 years. My husband is almost 30 years old. Given my current age and reality 30 is nothing-young in fact. But when I was a senior in high school-whoa-30 was what I envisioned my mother to be.

In fact, how old is my mother? Last I checked 34. But that can't be right........perhaps I'll just keep her there-she'll appreciate that as well, lord knows she still looks it.

I'm not particularly inclined to feel "old"-despite the fact that my sister in law had to explain to me who Kourtney Kardashian was the other day and I still cannot figure out why I can't find a shirt at the mall that wasn't pulled directly out of a Duran Duran video. Oh and of course my back-my aching 80 year old back that seems to have quit me long before its term was up. But this last week I was given the honor of shooting a gorgeous high school senior named Elizabeth. Not only was she totally hip, completely gorgeous & all around a total sweetheart-she was about to embark on a life journey...moving down to L.A. with her best friend to go to college and explore the world. I couldn't help but feel a little.....jealous?

But I digress...you couldn't pay me to go back and endure high school again-and I was one of the lucky ones who actually had a pretty good time. But all of the baggage that comes with it-man oh man no thanks. It completely makes me appreciate the importance of senior portraits. It's a big deal this whole graduation thing!!! The end of an era! The beginning of the rest of your life! It needs to be celebrated because by gosh you survived and you're still smiling and your mother (god willing) hasn't disowned you yet and your father hopefully hasn't gone completely gray (or broke) in the process!

So congratulations to the sensational Elizabeth! You're going to be one amazing teacher I can already tell!! Thank you for letting me capture you before you take flight! :)








Sunday, May 9, 2010

green green green!!!

Most frequently asked question:
Where is your studio located?

Answer: Everywhere!!!! Wherever the light is great and the vibe is better!

Sure, I've got my favorite tried and true spots in and around the San Jose area-even my favorite beach locations. But I am ALWAYS up for finding fun new locations to shoot at! You show me the light and I will show you your children in their most natural, beautiful state. I hate studios. I shouldn't say hate-hate is a bad word in our house and if Bella were in my head she would jump at the opportunity to call me out: "DON'T SAY HATE MAMA!" I swear sometimes I swear I DID say it in my head and she still hears it.

Studios are necessary in some cases. But for my style of photography? No thanks. I love shooting everything in the natural light-no set up-no break down. Me and a beautiful little person just hanging out-oh and we just so happen to have a gorgeous backdrop that is our earth. If you take a picture forcing a crooked smile in a mall studio what do you get? A picture of a kid washed out with a crooked smile on a white background. And if you shelled out a fortune for the session then guess what every picture looks like on your wall? Flashed out kids on white backgrounds.

I know what you're saying, Lindsey don't bash on my Picture People-I know moms who SWEAR by them. Use for em' for every occasion. But what if you approached children's photography in a different way? Take them to a cool park and let them look around. Let them duck in and out of trees and get a little dirty. Let them sit in the grass a while and just study the dogs that walk by. If you pay close attention something crazy will happen-they'll enjoy getting their picture taken....and you'll have some cool new colorful art with your own little creations in the middle!

Or perhaps just throw your kid on his favorite trike and go for a walk downtown!


In weather like this you can do anything! Bridges, brick walls, open fields....





Dress them in cute clothes and take them out to a fun creek
But most importantly, always...ALWAYS make sure they are having fun!


I'm going to end this post with a small little tangent inspired by a question someone emailed me this afternoon...

How do I get my kid to stop giving me those goofy faces?? I tell him to stop and it just makes it worse! I took 60 friggin' shots of him and none of them look right!!!

Goofy face? What like this one?


Answer? First, hide that "I'm gonna strangle this kid who won't cooperate" card in your back pocket and FAKE like that face is the most hysterical thing you've seen all WEEK.

then? get ready for the rebound giggle.....


you know...THAT one :)