Thursday, February 25, 2010

Heidi & Krishna-Vintage Sheek

Heidi & Krishna were sadly disappointed with the images captured of them on their wedding much so that they didn't keep a single one. Well that's just not acceptable.

Myself and the amazing Camille Monique came in and recreated this lovely couple to do i...t right :) You must check out her authentic vintage 60s dress-an original that her Aunt wore. And you may recognize that fabulous vintage union made head piece which we got from the most fantastic bridal shop in the bay area Adorn Bridal in Los Gatos.

These two love birds make one heck of a stunning couple!!!

Thank you Krishna & Heidi for letting us in on such an intimate and special day!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Miss Shelly & her girls

You can't tell from these pics (well one or two maybe) but this was one of the L.A. shoots we did during the "Week of Storms" in SoCal a few weeks ago. I was flown down to do multiple shoots for a gorgeous family I love and given that it is L.A. we didn't plan for rain.

Luckily they were all troopers and were willing to venture out during breaks in the storms. We definitely utilized a few back alleys and back lots (perhaps 1 or 2 that were a wee bit off limits)


I love it when people say:

"I'm not photogenic, I don't take photos, I don't like having my picture taken..."

10 out of 10 times those are my favorite portrait shoots. The fact that they have no clue they are owning the camera makes for a raw, organic and humble beauty...

I love how Shelly does her eye makeup...

I know I know, not the perfect face.....and yet so perfect & adorable to me

My number 1 goal for every single shoot is to make sure I don't stop clicking until I've captured the true spirit of whoever is in front of me...

These pretty much sum up the charm of Miss Amaya:

There's one more shoot in the L.A, sessions...stay tuned :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lovely Jill- San Jose Maternity Photography

When I first shot Jill and her family she wasn't even showing!! It was such a blast to follow her little girls around all morning laughing and playing with them! (yes I get to play at work-it rocks) We even used one of their shoot photos as promo when we were chosen for the M Magazine Gift Gallery over the holidays!

And now she having a new baby boy any day now!!!!!
(which you would never know looking at her teeny body and perfect hair and makeup!!)

These girls are the sweetest most well mannered girls EVER!!!! And they are so in love with their new baby brother and they haven't even met him! That is going to be one loved kiddo!

Thank you Jill for letting me share these final stages of pregnancy with you! I cannot wait to meet my newest little BellaLu model! :)

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