Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Sad Day....

When I was a very little girl my daddy brought home a big massive box with a tiny rainbow apple picture. "This is going to change the world" he said. I was fluent on it within days.

My dad was always a"Mac-Guy". Always subscribed to Mac World. Always was building macs, buying macs, fixing macs, figuring out what was next. Being a true daddy's girl I was always on his same wave length.

The first thing I did when I moved back to California was take the 10 minute drive to 1 Infinite Loop. I couldn't believe that I lived right next to the buildings where things were being created daily that changed and formed my life and future as a business owner, world citizen, wife, mother and woman. I would liken it to strolling past Thomas Edison's house and peeking in the window as he fearlessly obsessed over perfecting the light bulb.

Steve Jobs has made this world that I live and raise my children in immeasurably better. He has challenged me as an artist-why not aspire for perfection? He gave me the tools that I use every single day to create magic for other people. And he did this with a sense of understated humility and grace.

I hope with all of my heart and soul that he left enough magic here in Northern California for others to carry out all the things that had yet to come...

Myself, my husband, my children......and my daddy......PROUDLY mourn today.

screen shot-taken by my mac desktop, sitting next to my ipad, iphone, 2 ipods, idock, 2 macbook pros and shuffle.