Monday, November 21, 2011

Put It In Your Que-go ahead! like NOW {Random Monday Post by Lindsey}

 As wedding and lifestyle photographers we spend a decent amount of time glued to our computers processing images, creating slideshows, uploading photos, etc etc etc.....

There are 3 very important things that make this all possible:

1. Pandora (and most recently Spotify)

2. Netflix

3. Coffee

If you know me well you know that I’m only a fan of fiction movies when I’m in a movie theater with popcorn and a coke. If I’m in my own home I’m 100% a non-fiction documentary junkie. It truly is an addiction. When I’m in a hard core processing mode I’ll eat through 3 full length documentaries a day. I’m definitely at the point now where Netflix Instant might be startin’ to sweat me.

I figured rather than constantly pester my sister via text with what she needs to put in her cue I’d just post my recent 10 favs......SO in no particular order....

1. Horse Boy

1 Tissue Box Needed-AMAZING movie

2. Ken Burns: Jazz

No tissue box required-potential to go out and buy copious amounts of jazz records

3. Praying with Lior

2 Tissue Boxes Needed

4. Babies

No Tissue Box Needed but you might have the urge to go out and temporarily steal a baby to snuggle with (DON'T DO THAT)
fascinating movie.

5. Dear Zachary

5 Tissue Boxes Needed and Possibly a Punching Bag-no joke

6. Little Man
1 Tissue Box Should Do It

7. Born into Brothels

No Tissue Boxes Needed but you may have an irrational urge to quit your life and move to India to try everything you can to help these children

8. Food Inc

Final Step that turned me from a meat and potatoes girl to a full vegetarian

9. American Meth
Just plain interesting and sad

10. A Family Undertaking

3 Tissue Boxes and might just totally and completely change the way you look at dying and your own funeral-no JOKE 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Unconventional Love {Our First Kiss}

Mine & Nathan's first date ended in a handshake. No seriously.

He admitted recently that he asked me out because he was curious (as opposed to secretly in love) 
I said yes because although I thought he was kind of a punk, I was open to being proven wrong. 

So there we were in downtown Nashville after having a quick lunch and walk through Bicentennial Mall.

Had we hit if off? Totally. Were we smitten? Of course. When he offered me a handshake and not even an awkward half sided hug was I turned off? Absolutely.

I told my roomie: Wow. THAT was weird. 

A few days later he asked me out for a second date by the soda station at the bar we both worked at-you know the Wildhorse Saloon? (insert chuckle)

He asked me to sushi. (score!!) He asked me to go the following Friday (Valentine's Day??) 

My internal predicament: Does he know it's Valentine's Day? 

Second predicament: Should I tell him or did I just accidentally score the ultimate second date?

Third predicament: When he inevitably realizes we're surrounded by couples making out under mylar heart balloons during dinner should I act equally surprised?

"Oh my gosh!! I'm the only woman on the face of the planet who didn't realize February 14th 2005 beginning at 12am is Valentine's Day in Nashville, Tennessee!!!! SO weird!!!"

I let it roll and invested my energy into finding the most rockin shirt.
So there we were after dinner sitting in front of the Parthanon in Centennial Park which just so happened to be totally lite up red and pink and looked a little something like this

I mean seriously-could nathan have had a better set up to have me totally hooked?

It took a good 45 minutes of small talk and simple chatter before he finally leaned in-I don't think I could have waited much longer because I had been chewing on the same piece of gum all night which had almost disappeared completely.
I don't think either of us felt the first kiss was terribly good-and it wasn't. 

I've heard of fireworks and glitter hearts popping out of folks' heads after their first kiss. That's not so much our style. We've had to work for everything in our life and a good solid kiss is no different. 

After 5 years of marriage and 2 kids though-I think we've found a little groove :)