Thursday, June 28, 2012

Clos LaChance Engagement Shoot with Luke and Pamela from Luke Goodman Cinematography

If you are in the San Francisco wedding vendor community no doubt you have heard of or met Luke & Pamela of Luke Goodman Cinematography. Not only are they two of the most exceptional wedding and high end event cinematographers in the business but also two of the sweetest & most genuine people you will ever meet. Oh and they're super duper hot. 

When Luke & Pamela asked us to do their engagement shoot at the GORGEOUS Clos LaChance winery we were simply honored. These two have been precious friends of ours for a few years now and have changed our lives-quite seriously.

If you follow our work at all you might have seen this...

or this?

maybe this?



bottom line. they are wonderful.

Enjoy a few highlights from their gorgeous winery shoot <3

A little about Luke and Pamela....

Wedding Date & Location: August 18, 2012 at The Plummer House in Rochester, Minnesota

First Date: Henrys 8th Street Pub in Portland, Oregon on a Friday night when Luke flew in from San Francisco. Wine tasting the next day in Willamette Valley. It was a whole weekend first date 4 years ago.

What song reminds you of each other:

Luke- Most songs by Ingrid Michaelson-but not a specific track-we are both passionate about music and fell for each other playing piano together.

Pamela- piano music, ahh we love so much music its hard to think of a "favorite song" I would say:  how to train your dragon soundtrack theme "forbidden friendship" (its going to be played on piano at our wedding) 

Favorite thing to do as a couple: 

Be outdoors in nature, being active. Laughing. Oh, and eating. We adore food and cooking together.

What are you looking forward to the most on your wedding day:

We are going to have the closest 100 people in our lives all in one place. It's a really incredible thought. We will never have that kind of chance again.

We're BEYOND happy for Luke and Pamela and are privilege to have been a part of this journey for them... 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Peninsula Golf and Country Club Wedding {Julie + Ryan}

Julie and Ryan's wedding was the third time we've shot at the Peninsula Golf and Country Club and it is ALWAYS an absolute blast! Sharon Burns from Napa Valley Custom Events created an incredible experience for this sensational couple complete with gorgeous decor from Sweet Peas Floral Design and a DELICIOUS cake from Sweet Passions Bakery. Seriously, I consider myself a wedding cake snob (as I have a serious addiction to it) and this wedding cake was one of the best I have EVER had. 

Here are a few highlights from their gorgeous June wedding.

We got to work with our favorite hair and makeup artist Monina Wright from Moderne Beauty who gave Julie a glowing & fresh look that fit her perfectly.

Julie and Ryan were married in Julie's home church which was incredibly special to her. Her pastor was absolutely hysterical. I love a funny pastor :)

The reception at the country club was a mix of creamy elegance and a big ol' party. 
Swan Entertainment  rocked everyone's socks off. SUCH a fun night!!

Julie and Ryan we just ADORE YOU TWO!!!! We wish you all the happiness in the WORLD!!!!!


Lindsey & Nathan

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Roaring Camp Railroad Santa Cruz Wedding {Sara & Daniel-Rustic Charm}

Last month Nathan and I were thrilled to be able to shoot a wedding at Roaring Camp Railroads in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Absolutely GORGEOUS and SO our style. Sara has this incredible authentic smile that knocks your socks off and Daniel is so smitten with her it's the cutest dang thing ever. Their wedding was the perfect mix of laughter, silliness, sentimentality and total rustic charm. Sara is a teacher and naturally created all kinds of super cute details that fit their style to a T. 

Sara had no desire to force her bridesmaids into uncomfortable strappies especially given the outdoor ceremony. The next best thing? A set of Tom's for all...and with that a wonderful gift to others in need :)

Given that it was Cinco de Mayo, naturally the entire bridal party embraced it with relentless enthusiasm 
(and a bit of charm as well)

The reveal was incredibly emotion and yet again another solid example of why doing a reveal with a tricky schedule is absolutely priceless. I got to selfishly spend SO much time with them really letting them feel this day and these moments-and of course I got TONS of beautiful shots for them to remember it by...

Sara and Daniel married eachother under a handmade Hitchin' Post. Um....hello adorable idea <3

I was able to steal the bridal party away for a moment and venture around the western town-SO much fun!

What could be better than caramel apples and popcorn? Um....probably nothing whatsoever. 

I cannot express enough how adorable this wedding was. From the rustic color palette to all of the small touches they created themselves-good lord it was precious. This is one of our new favorite wedding venues in the Santa Cruz area without question.

Thank you Daniel and Sara for letting us take part in this INSANELY amazing day ! <3

-Lindsey & Nathan