Saturday, October 27, 2012

Manhattan Wedding Photography | The Kimberly Hotel Wedding {Jessica and Shaun}

We traveled to the Big Apple a few weeks ago to shoot an amazing wedding on the roof top of the gorgeous Kimberly Hotel in Manhattan-steps away from Times Square and all things 'New York'. What made this wedding all that more awesome (aside from how totally adorable and sweet Jessica and Shaun are) is the fact that I went to middle and high school with Jessica back in Nashville, Tennessee. No joke. I literally had slumber parties in her house when I was all of 13 years old-head gear and all.

I haven't seen Jessica since high school graduation. Since then I've married, had two children & moved to California. In the meantime she moved up to New York and met Shaun and fell in love. After reconnecting on good ole' facebook she emailed me last year and asked me to fly out with Nathan and shoot her wedding. OF COURSE! I was GIDDY. Talk about blast from the past! I got to see so many of my favorite people that I literally haven't seen in YEARS. And I cannot stress enough how chill these two are-they just rolled with it-and it was an INCREDIBLE DAY. 


 Thank you my sweet friends-we had SUCH a wonderful time and we just adore New York! 
Congratulations to Jessica & Shaun!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

8 minutes and 14 seconds that will change you.

I've haven't blogged in a while but I bypassed breakfast to do so this morning.

this. is. amazing.

Watch this and tell me you don't shake your head YES at least 10 times. Tell me you don't see your own family in this. Tell me you don't see your own fears and fearlessness. Tell me it doesn't make you a little less scared of death-every moment you're worrying about dying is a moment you've lost when you could have been living. Live-as soon as possible-and start a movement in your own family.

Thank you G&D & the whole SoulPancake team-this is so special...

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