Monday, April 15, 2013

Australian Family Photography {Stephanie Lawson of Canvas Coffee at Nobby Beach}

If you haven't noticed we've been MIA for the past 3 weeks spending some incredible quality time with our family in the country we love: AUSTRALIA!

We'll be sharing tons about our experience over the next month but in the meantime we'll be posting some highlights from some of the work Lindsey did while on holiday: starting with this adorable family session shot on Miami Beach in the southern part of the Gold Coast, Queensland. 

Our family has gotten to know Stephanie Lawson over the past 3 years as we always stay in the same area south of Surfer's Paradise called Nobby Beach. It is our morning (and midday...and nightime) routine to head out by foot to grab cappuccinos and goodies from the numerous fabulous cafe's in Nobby Beach. Our favorite is the absolutely delish Canvas Coffee owned and operated by Stephanie herself. Stephanie is an incredible artist and designer and has created a little coffee haven for folks like us who love great coffee and beautiful works of art to delight our eyes with-and did we mention the little mini art studio in the back for kiddos? Yep-our FAVORITE! 

It's been 3 days since my last canvas coffee and I'm already suffering withdrawals. We were honored when she asked us to take photos of her and her completely adorable little girl on a gorgeous stretch of beach right by her home. It had been storming all day which we totally dig as it lent itself perfectly to the whimsy of mommy & baby's outfits. Check out some of our favs from Lindsey's shoot and if you ever find yourself on holiday in Australia head straight to Canvas and tell them we sent you! :)