Thursday, March 27, 2014

Marie and Mike's Pebble Beach Oceanside Wedding

The love story behind these two is straight out of a movie. These two treasures have been together for years but with Mike in the Marines and therefore all over the world-they haven't even been able to live in the same zip code.

Their intimate seaside wedding (days before Mike had to leave again) was a reflection of this love story. The vintage typewriters had real letters they had written to each other...and these letters were absolutely amazing by the way. Vintage stamps from all over the country and of course plenty of vintage telephones. The day was incredibly low-key centered around a small group of their friends and family watching the two say their vows & enjoying a simple delicious lunch together inside. We all thought we would be rained out but at the last minute (literally) the amazing staff at the Pebble Beach Resort pulled out all the stops when the sun started to peek out. It was breathtaking. Enjoy some highlights from their sweet day...